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We’ve partnered with Shopify to help business owners like you thrive online and get more online sales with SEO.

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Attract highly targeted, conversion-ready traffic to your online store with Shopify search engine optimization (SEO).

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Does Your Shopify Store Need More Traffic and Customers?

As a Shopify store owner, you know that a lot goes into marketing your business in order to attract new customers to your online store.  

If you aren’t seeing the results that you want, you may be left wondering, “What’s the deal?”.  

Fortunately, there’s a tried-and-true marketing strategy built especially for Shopify store owners: ecommerce SEO for Shopify.

Increase Shopify Traffic with Ecommerce SEO

The benefits of SEO for ecommerce websites are no secret.  

Only SEO is able to generate high-volume, highly-targeted traffic to your online store for the long haul. Other methods may only be short-term solutions or don’t generate traffic that’s ready to buy. 

Increase Shopify Sales & Traffic

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Whitecap SEO Is The Preferred Shopify SEO Expert

At Whitecap, we’ve combined the user-friendly features of Shopify and SEO for ecommerce to create the perfect Shopify marketing solution for online store owners. We are proud to be a preferred Shopify SEO agency that focuses exclusively on ecommerce SEO. 

#1 in Ecommerce SEO

Your ideal customer is out there, and they’re searching for you right now. Our targeted solutions will help them find you. Unlike most SEO consultants, our strategies were uniquely developed for Shopify ecommerce.

Customized SEO Strategy

No two ecommerce businesses are the same, and neither are our SEO solutions. Whatever challenges you’re facing, we’ll build a targeted Shopify SEO strategy to boost your search engine rankings, traffic, and sales

Measurable Results

100x increase in organic website hits; 124% increase in revenue; #1 Google ranking in just two months. These are just a handful of the real results we’ve generated for Shopify ecommerce businesses like yours. 


Testimonials from Shopify Business Owners

Discover why online store owners turn to Whitecap SEO as the preferred Shopify SEO experts.

Artsy Couture

"Through their work, we’ve been able to better optimize our product pages. We are excited to continue working with Whitecap SEO on all things digital marketing. They have proven themselves true professionals who care about our success."


"I highly recommend Whitecap SEO as your go-to company for everything search marketing related. We were extremely pleased with the measurable results and the team proved themselves knowledgeable in every facet of search marketing."

Down Linens

"Working with Whitecap SEO was truly a pleasure. The Whitecap team is always on schedule and are very realistic with their timeline. I highly recommend Whitecap SEO and I personally will be using them again in the future."

The Issue with “Regular” SEO Methods

Don’t waste time on SEO strategies that don’t make sense for your Shopify store! 

The issue is that a lot of SEO guides and marketers alike focus on SEO methods that apply to regular businesses – not ecommerce businesses.

The result is often a strategy that leaves out essential components of optimizing an ecommerce website. Things like optimizing product pages, improving conversions at checkout, and attracting the right kind of backlinks. 

Our Ecommerce SEO Takes a Different Approach

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to pleasing the Google gods and your target audience, then it’s time for ecommerce SEO.  

Ecommerce SEO for Shopify stores makes use of Shopify’s unique features while optimizing your website for organic traffic – the right way.  

With a more tailored solution, it’ll no longer feel like you are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Shopify Ecommerce SEO Includes:

✓ Product Page Optimization ✓ User-Friendly Product Categories and Site Structure ✓ Image Description and Load Speed Optimization  

✓ Niche-Related Link Building ✓ Shopify UX and Conversion Optimization ...And much more!

We Provide Shopify SEO Services for Your Online Business

When it comes to optimizing your Shopify store for organic traffic, there’s one essential question you need to answer: Do I want cheap and easy or do I want the best?  

Many SEO experts will promise you the moon, but unless they come up with a tailored solution based on your unique business, they are simply working with cookie-cutter SEO.  

At Whitecap SEO, we know the success of your Shopify store depends on SEO that has your audience, your business structure, and your profit goals in mind. 

With a Shopify SEO strategy from Whitecap, you will:

✓ Diversify Your Online Traffic ✓ Boost Brand Visibility ✓ Create a Long-Term Profit Strategy

✓ Attract a Targeted Audience ✓ Build a User-Friendly Website Experience ✓ 3X Your Sales Revenue

Write your own Shopify success story by working with Whitecap today. 

Armed with years of SEO expertise, we focus on helping businesses of all sizes compete online by providing them with tailored support. Our goal is to craft the right strategy for every customer to help them maximize their search engine rankings, traffic, and sales.